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Zoe Stefanadis, Owner and Pharmacist

LIsa Mclaurin, Pharmacist

Kevin Gott, Pharmacist

Stephanie Bowers, Office Manager

PJ Dodson, Office Technician

Jolie Eastman, Pharmacy Technician

Leslie Forsyth, Pharmacy Technician


Owner Zoe Stefanadis was born in Durham but has resided in Chapel Hill for many years.

Zoe attended the University of Tennessee where she received her bachelor’s degree in public health with a minor in nutrition. She went on to receive her pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has worked as a community pharmacist for over thirty years.

Zoe has undergone PCCA compounding training seminars and also attends various continuing education courses that keep her up to date on important topics like endocrinology and BHRT as they relate to compounding and to whole health.

Chapel Hill Compounding is the community’s premier compounding pharmacy since 2006 and has developed a reputation for quality prescription preparations with a personal feel. Our goal is to provide excellent prescription and educational solutions to create health and harmony for every individual. Whether it be for you, a family member, or a pet, Chapel Hill Compounding seeks to meet your pharmaceutical needs by offering specialized formulations designed specifically for each patient. Our two licensed pharmacists, both active members of the community, provide comprehensive health care services with a personal touch.

Located at 109 Conner Drive, Suite 1200 in Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill Compounding offers a wide range of specialized formulations, including: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, BHRT educational services, veterinary formulations, pain management alternatives, skin care products, pediatric formulations, and nutritional supplements. Also, for patients who require specialty forms, or that just cannot tolerate the taste of their medicine, we offer specific drug strengths as well as flavoring of most liquid medications.

Chapel Hill Compounding is an outlet to patients and doctors who feel they need a more personal pharmacy experience. By working closely in this triad relationship of patient-doctor-pharmacist, we aim to achieve a more positive therapeutic outcome.

Professional Compounding Centers of America

Professional Compounding Centers of America


Chapel Hill Compounding is a proud member of both the Professional Compounding Centers of America and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists.